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Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injury victims and their families often have to deal with permanent disabilities such as paraplegia or quadriplegia. Spinal cord injury is damage to the spinal cord that results in the loss of function. Often, the damage to the spinal cord restricts the victim’s movement and/or feeling. For example, in an auto accident, a victim’s spinal cord may be compressed or severed resulting in serious injury and potentially death.

Typical causes of spinal cord injuries can be found in:

  • Car accidents — Spinal cord injuries are common in car accidents because of the rapid change in speed created by the impact.
  • Motorcycle accidents — Motorcyclists are especially vulnerable to spinal injuries because they are frequently thrown from the motorcycle in a wreck and they have little or no protection.
  • Pedestrian accidentsPedestrians are vulnerable to spinal injuries because they are often hit with little or no warning, and they lack any protection from the vehicle that hits them.
  • Semitruck/trailer accidents — The large size and weight of semitrucks and tractor-trailers make it much more difficult to stop. The force of these large vehicles is tremendous, often causing significant spinal damage to the individuals they hit.
  • Slip, trip and fallsSlippery walkways and spills create hazardous environments where individuals are likely to fall, often injuring their tailbone and spine.
  • Defective products — Accidents can be caused by faulty product design, manufacture or distribution, leading to spinal cord injuries.
  • Work-related injuries — Falls in workplaces can cause significant spinal cord trauma.
  • Construction site accidents — Falling objects, scaffolding collapses and other construction site accidents can result in significant spinal trauma.
  • Swimming pool/diving accidents — People often suffer significant spinal cord trauma, including paralysis when hitting the bottom of a pool after diving into shallow water or falling along the side of a pool.
  • Sport-related accidents — In addition to concussions, individuals playing football, hockey and skiing sports can suffer spinal trauma when getting hit or crashing into something.
  • Recreational activity accidents — Boating, ATV and snowmobile accidents can cause significant spinal trauma when an individual falls or hits an object at a high rate of speed.

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