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Do home mechanics need to worry about asbestos?

Performing auto maintenance and repairs at home can save you money, if you have the skills to complete your tasks properly. However, there can also be risks that home mechanics may not consider.

One commonly overlooked risk is the possibility of becoming exposed to asbestos. Asbestos is a mineral that is known for its insulative and fire-resistant properties. Because of these properties, it was regularly added to a variety of products, including some car parts. However, researchers have been able to link asbestos to the cause of serious health conditions, such as lung cancer, asbestosis and mesothelioma, which could develop decades after asbestos enters someone’s body.

What Minnesota residents should know about asbestos exposure

In Minnesota and most other states throughout the country, there are hidden dangers lurking in people's homes, in schools, factories and other community locations. Asbestos exposure remains problematic in many regions. One of the biggest problems is that the fibers that are so dangerous to human health are microscopic. This is why it pays to learn as much as possible about asbestos and what to do or not do if it is discovered in a particular area.

One of the worst things that a person can do if he or she believes asbestos has been located in home materials or elsewhere is to try to remove it. In fact, the more a product or material containing asbestos is touched or disturbed, the greater the risk that particles will be released into the air and ingested or inhaled by unsuspecting people. There are certified abatement workers who know exactly what to do and how to keep danger risks as low as possible when clearing an area of asbestos.

When asbestos exposure causes loss during the holidays

Many Minnesota families will be forced to cope with the loss of a loved one before 2019 comes to an end. In some instances, a family's grief may be intensified by knowing that the illness that caused a loved one's death was preventable. For instance, when asbestos exposure is a causal factor, it is often employer negligence that was ultimately responsible for a particular worker's adverse health condition. Coping with sudden loss during the holidays is not easy, but it is often more tolerable when the family in question has a strong support network.

Each grieves in its own way. Some decide they want to carry on with holiday customs and tradition, though perhaps in a more low-key manner. Lighting a candle at holiday gatherings in memory of a loved one is one way to help families honor those who have died. Traveling to a location that held holiday significance to the spouse, son or daughter who has died is another way to honor his or her memory.

Are you worried about asbestos exposure?

Anytime someone in Minnesota or another state is injured due to another's party's negligence, legal recourse may be available through the civil justice system. A plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit must prove in civil court that the party sued was negligent in a manner that caused the plaintiff's injuries and which resulted in monetary damages. When a case has to do with asbestos exposure, things can get complicated in court.

There is no safe amount of asbestos exposure. Many people work or live in areas where they are at risk for ingesting or inhaling microscopic asbestos fibers. It is no secret that doing so can wreak havoc on a person's health.

Teacher believes asbestos exposure caused her cancer

When a Minnesota teacher or employee in another industry reports to work each day, he or she has a right to reasonably assume that employers are doing what they are supposed to do to maintain a safe working environment. Workers may certainly expect that, if there is a known hazard in the workplace, employers would inform them, as well as take precautions by offering proper training and safety equipment to help employees avoid injury. A school teacher in another state has begun the process of filing a lawsuit against her school district because she believes she suffered long-term asbestos exposure on the job and that it has caused her to contract mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma is a deadly cancer that typically affects the lungs and abdomen. A doctor who spoke about the school teacher's condition said this particular terminal disease is almost always caused by long-term exposure to asbestos. The woman has taught in the same school district for 30 years. She said she had no idea that there was a dangerous, microscopic substance in the wrapping around the steam pipes in her classroom.

Mesothelioma: A nagging cough is often the first symptom

Many Minnesotans once worked in factories, shipyards, on a railroad or in other work environments with a high risk of asbestos exposure. Typically, they were unaware that of the dangers they faced. Others did not receive the proper training or safety equipment available to keep them safe on the job. This is why, years later, many of them suffer from mesothelioma or other health problems associated with asbestos exposure.

Having a lingering cough can be uncomfortable and frustrating. Constantly hacking can impair the quality of daily life and can also make the person suffering feel drained and weary. It is always a good idea to see a doctor when a cough is persistent, especially if you've possibly have been exposed to asbestos. An unrelenting cough is often the first apparent symptom of mesothelioma.

Parents worried about asbestos exposure in school

When a Minnesota parent sends a child to school, he or she has a right to reasonably expect that the child will be kept safe. While there is always a risk for personal injury, such as falling on the school playground and scraping a knee or twisting an ankle while running in gym class, most days at school should be rather uneventful regarding possible injuries. It is understandable that parents in another state are concerned and upset after learning their children were at risk for asbestos exposure.

Most parents would not expect that their children might be exposed to dangerous, microscopic fibers in the air at an elementary school. After all, schools are supposed to be inspected from time to time to make sure no toxins or hazards are present, especially when classes are in session. It is no wonder parents are worried about their children's health after learning that pipe insulation inside the school in question was found to contain asbestos.

Why do Navy vets face such a high risk of mesothelioma?

More than 360,000 veterans live in Minnesota today. And these brave individuals should not have to worry about their health after they leave active duty. Yet, many veterans deal with permanent injuries, disabilities or illnesses.

Some of those injuries or illnesses might not appear until long after their service. One of the most famous examples of this is Agent Orange causing cancer in Vietnam War veterans long after they returned home.

Asbestos exposure: Is your hygiene routine placing you at risk?

Many Minnesota residents and others include talcum powder in their personal daily hygiene routines. Johnson & Johnson baby powder is a popular talcum product that often can be found in the average household's bathroom cabinet. In fact, many parents of infants use talcum powder to help relieve diaper rash and keep their babies' skin as dry as possible. The problem is that ample evidence suggests talcum powder places those who use it at great risk for asbestos exposure.

Proving that a toxic or hazardous substance caused a particular person's cancer is a difficult thing to do. When someone files a personal injury claim regarding asbestos, he or she can ask credible physicians or scientists to testify in court. A researcher who has published findings stating that asbestos exposure from talcum powder appears to cause certain cancers, for instance, may provide powerful testimony that influences the court's decisions.

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