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Were cement pipes the cause of a woman's mesothelioma?

When choosing a neighborhood to live in, many people tend to pick a location that they deem to be safe. Many Minnesota families may look out for their family's well-being, but some dangers may be hidden. Without knowing it, many people can be exposed to the harmful effects of mesothelioma but not manifest any of the symptoms until years later. Victims who are suffering from this serious illness may wish to hold the parties deemed responsible accountable for their actions.

A woman from another state is claiming that she contracted mesothelioma because she lived for many years near a pipe manufacturer. She asserts that the cement pipes that were being produced contained asbestos. The plaintiff said that she lived by the plant for nearly three decades.

The woman claims that the plant did not make any effort to attempt to protect her from the asbestos exposure. She also alleges that the plant did not get rid of the asbestos waste material using any safety precautions. The plaintiff even claims that the company used the asbestos-containing materials as filler in playgrounds, schools and residential areas.

The plaintiff filed her lawsuit against the companies that she believed were responsible for her contracting mesothelioma. She is accusing them of being aware that their product was defective, not disposing of the asbestos waste properly and not taking the time to learn about the dangers of asbestos before allowing other people to become exposed. She is asking for monetary damages, including those for her pain and suffering as well as her medical bills. Minnesota residents who believe that they have been exposed to asbestos, which caused them to contract mesothelioma, may choose to file a claim against those found to be liable for the illness. If the claim is successfully navigated, the victim may receive compensation to help alleviate the burden of medical expenses and other remedies that the court finds just.

Source: The Louisiana Record, "Former neighbor of pipe manufacturer sues over lung cancer diagnosis", Kyle Barnett, Aug. 15, 2014

Source: The Louisiana Record, "Former neighbor of pipe manufacturer sues over lung cancer diagnosis", Kyle Barnett, Aug. 15, 2014

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