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Former oil worker claims he contracted mesothelioma on the job

| Dec 27, 2014 | Mesothelioma

Going to work and being safe should be something that go hand in hand. People in Minnesota and across the country shouldn’t fear going to work because their safety could be compromised. Sadly, many companies were not always forthcoming with the hazards that had the potential to hurt their workers. Years later, many employees are realizing that they are suffering from asbestos-related illnesses such as mesothelioma because they were not properly protected.

A former 31-year employee of a major oil company believes that he contracted mesothelioma while on the job. The man and his wife have jointly filed a claim against the business owners of the sites he had worked on as well as against the involved third party contractors. The plaintiff claims that his job involved removing insulation, which caused him to breathe in copious amounts of asbestos particles.

He claims  the defendants did not provide him with a safe working environment to protect him from the asbestos exposure. Furthermore, he asserts that the defendants were aware of the hazards of asbestos due to industry specific medical studies that were available. After the plaintiff was diagnosed with the disease, he filed a petition within a year. The plaintiffs a monetary judgment to cover medical expenses as well as compensatory damages for his pain and suffering and other financial losses

The pressure of medical bills related to caring for a mesothelioma victim can put a tremendous amount of strain on a family’s finances. Workers in Minnesota who believe that they contracted mesothelioma because of another party’s negligence may choose to pursue legal actions. If a civil court determines that liability has been documented, the plaintiffs may achieve a monetary judgment to assist with medical bills as well as other related financial losses consistent with applicable laws.

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