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Maximizing benefits for terminally ill SSDI and SSD clients

Terminal illnesses are often debilitating, forcing dying individuals to drop out of the workforce to fight their disease in hopes of maximizing whatever time is left. Often, these individuals will pursue a Social Security Disability claim in hopes of minimizing the impact of the lost wage.

Enrolling these individuals quickly must be a top priority, but Social Security benefits may not be the only compensation these individuals are entitled to receive. Clients diagnosed with mesothelioma or another asbestos related disease may be able to pursue a toxic tort claim to obtain additional compensation.

The TERI designation for fast tracking the application process

For most people the process of applying for and getting approved for Social Security Disability (SSD) can be lengthy. Fortunately, the Social Security Administration has recognized the urgency of these claims. Special processing is available to terminally ill clients using the TERI designation. The TERI designation is reserved for cases where it has been determined that an individual is has a condition that is untreatable and likely to result in death.

Social Security Disability attorneys can assist clients in having their cases fast-tracked by alerting Disability Determination Services on their application. Typically this is done without a client knowing.  

Do not ignore other potential claims

In most instances, clients who apply for Social Security benefits are ineligible to obtain additional benefits. There are exceptions however for those who are pursuing a toxic tort personal injury claim. One of the most common toxic torts is mesothelioma.

Toxic tort claims for mesothelioma are also fast tracked, but due to the aggressive nature of this form of cancer, it is critical that clients initiate their claims as soon as possible. If a toxic tort claim is resolved prior to a client’s death, the claimant may be entitled to additional damages.

Social Security Disability attorneys are often in the best position to advise clients of this option. It is therefore important that attorneys representing clients in Social Security disability matters make sure that their clients referred to the appropriate source.

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