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Have your symptoms led to asbestosis diagnosis?

There are a lot of old buildings in Minnesota, including factories, schools, churches and government structures. As in many other states, restoration and construction projects in these dwellings often include asbestos removal. It's no secret that asbestos exposure is highly dangerous and often leads to serious illness, such as asbestosis.

Asbestosis is a chronic disease that adversely affects the lungs. It is known to be caused by exposure to the microscopic particles contained in asbestos, often found in insulation, floor tiles and other building materials. The many health risks associated with asbestos are well known, which is why there are very strict laws and regulations overseeing the handling of materials containing asbestos.

The symptoms of asbestosis often don't present themselves for many months, even years, after an initial asbestos exposure. Symptoms for this particular asbestos-related illness include enlargement of fingertips, difficulty breathing and chest pain. A person may experience one or more symptoms but not realize it is directly related to asbestos exposure.

Employers, in particular, are obligated to provide proper training and safety equipment to help workers minimize their risks for asbestosis and other dangers on the job. Siben Polk, P.A, in Minnesota, is fully prepared to assist anyone facing asbestos-related issues in this state, especially if it involves possible employer negligence. We can act on your behalf to seek any compensation to which you may be entitled, allowing you more time to focus on your treatments and health. You can request a meeting by accessing the contact form on our website.

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