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Asbestos exposure: It can never be safe

Sadly, many people in Minnesota and across the country have lost loved ones as a result of asbestos-related illness. In fact, there are no known cures for mesothelioma, asbestosis and other illnesses that often occur due to asbestos exposure. It's not only those who worked in factories, shipyards or old school buildings who are at risk; their families and anyone regularly exposed to them while wearing clothing they wore on the job could also possibly ingest the microscopic particles that wreak havoc on human lungs, hearts and other parts of the body.  

Many employers were aware of the dangers their workers faced. However, their desires for profit and increased productivity outweighed their senses of obligation. Nowadays, employers are legally required to warn their employees of known asbestos hazards in the workplace. They must also provide proper training and equipment to help them stay safe.  

If asbestos is found in a particular area, regulations must be followed if it is to be removed. Only those certified in asbestos abatement may do the job. Asbestos is most dangerous when it is disturbed from its static state. For instance, many ceiling tiles, floors, cabinets and other items contain asbestos; while there is no safe level of exposure, the risk for being exposed is much lower if the asbestos-laden items are not crumbled, hammered, scraped, shaken or otherwise disrupted.  

Asbestos exposure may take place years before symptoms of related illnesses show. Any person in Minnesota who has suffered from mesothelioma or another disease or has lost a spouse or other immediate family member to a similar illness may reach out for legal support to seek justice for their injuries if an employer's or another party's negligence was a causal factor. Sieben Polk, P.A., is committed to helping families devastated by asbestos-related illnesses to achieve the justice they deserve.  

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