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Are women at high risk for asbestos exposure?

Minnesota residents often do not recognize situations that are potentially hazardous to their health. For instance, in many cases where asbestos exposure has occurred, those affected were unaware that the microscopic fibers were present in the air or in materials they were exposed to in the workplace or elsewhere. Sadly, many incidents are later determined to have been preventable were it not for employer negligence.  

Many women, in particular, have said they feel their health concerns are not always taken seriously by medical professionals, employers or others. Regarding asbestos, there are currently at least 9,000 lawsuits pending against Johnson & Johnson company due to injuries suffered that are believed to have been caused by using the company's talcum products. The company has come out fighting, enlisting support from witnesses willing to testify that many women's mesothelioma cases are not caused by the company's products.  

The dangers of asbestos have been recorded for more than 100 years. It is also known that there is no safe level of exposure. Concerning Johnson & Johnson, there was reportedly evidence to suggest that their products contained asbestos as early as the 1970s. Women, in particular, seem to be at risk, as made evident by the fact that 20 percent of 50,000 people who suffered asbestos-related deaths between 1999 and 2016 were women. 

While it used to be assumed that most asbestos exposure injuries occurred in the workplace, current data shows as many as one third of mesothelioma cases in the United States involve non-occupational incidents. Johnson & Johnson is definitely not the only company coming under scrutiny for potentially hazardous products, and women are definitely not the only victims of asbestos injuries. Any Minnesota resident who wishes to discuss a legal issue related to a particular situation may request a meeting with an attorney experienced in asbestos litigation.

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