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Asbestos exposure, the military and companies with trust funds

Minnesota is home to many U.S. military veterans, some who recall serving as far back as World War II, Korea or in Vietnam. War efforts are always expensive, and especially during W.W.II, thousands of vehicles and other war supplies were built that sparked an industrial boom in the United States. It also caused a lot of people to suffer asbestos exposure, even though most manufacturers were already aware of asbestos-related dangers at that time.

Many say the military is not to blame regarding service members or civilians who worked to help the war effort and subsequently suffered ill-health due to asbestos. Most believe liability lies with the manufacturers who knew workers were at risk but did nothing to keep them safe. Sadly, the majority of medical patients who suffer from mesothelioma (a terminal disease related to asbestos poisoning) are U.S. military veterans.

The Environmental Working Group stated that asbestos injuries have been known about and documented for more than a century. Many veterans have filed lawsuits against manufacturing companies. While the Veterans Administration provides compensation to veterans suffering mesothelioma contracted during their military careers, court-awarded compensation obtain through litigation provides economic recovery for losses suffered when working as civilians.

There is no safe amount of asbestos exposure. Some companies have faced so many legal claims against them that they have set up trust funds to provide compensation for settlements. Other companies have gone bankrupt after losing numerous cases regarding their own knowledge that employees and consumers were at risk for asbestos injuries. Any man or woman in Minnesota, especially those who are military veterans, with questions or concerns about a particular situation may request a meeting with an experienced asbestos litigation attorney.

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