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Parents worried about asbestos exposure in school

When a Minnesota parent sends a child to school, he or she has a right to reasonably expect that the child will be kept safe. While there is always a risk for personal injury, such as falling on the school playground and scraping a knee or twisting an ankle while running in gym class, most days at school should be rather uneventful regarding possible injuries. It is understandable that parents in another state are concerned and upset after learning their children were at risk for asbestos exposure.

Most parents would not expect that their children might be exposed to dangerous, microscopic fibers in the air at an elementary school. After all, schools are supposed to be inspected from time to time to make sure no toxins or hazards are present, especially when classes are in session. It is no wonder parents are worried about their children's health after learning that pipe insulation inside the school in question was found to contain asbestos.

This is not the first school in Philadelphia to have an asbestos problem. In fact, students in two other schools had to be relocated for classes when asbestos was found in their buildings. Ingesting or inhaling microscopic asbestos fibers and lead to serious future health problems, including several types of incurable cancer.

If a Minnesota parent is worried about possible asbestos exposure in his or her child's school, requesting a meeting with school administrators is a logical step to take. If a parent believes he or she has grounds for litigation, the next step may be to schedule a consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney, especially one who has navigated asbestos litigation in the past. Proving that another party's negligence was a causal factor toward asbestos injury can be challenging, which is why it pays to have an experienced attorney by one's side in court.

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