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What Minnesota residents should know about asbestos exposure

In Minnesota and most other states throughout the country, there are hidden dangers lurking in people's homes, in schools, factories and other community locations. Asbestos exposure remains problematic in many regions. One of the biggest problems is that the fibers that are so dangerous to human health are microscopic. This is why it pays to learn as much as possible about asbestos and what to do or not do if it is discovered in a particular area.

One of the worst things that a person can do if he or she believes asbestos has been located in home materials or elsewhere is to try to remove it. In fact, the more a product or material containing asbestos is touched or disturbed, the greater the risk that particles will be released into the air and ingested or inhaled by unsuspecting people. There are certified abatement workers who know exactly what to do and how to keep danger risks as low as possible when clearing an area of asbestos.

It's important to remember that scraping, hammering, peeling, sawing or otherwise disturbing floor tiles, ceiling tiles, cabinetry, walls or other materials can wreak havoc if said materials contain asbestos. The more friable a specific material is, the greater the danger. Friable means "able to crumble." This is why the risk of asbestos injury is so high if materials are wet or have been wet and dried multiple times.

The best thing to do if a potential asbestos exposure risk is suspected is to close off the area until safety measures can be taken. Any Minnesota resident who believes himself, herself or a loved one has contracted an illness due to asbestos will want to seek a formal medical diagnosis if he or she hasn't already done so. Many such cases lead to litigation, especially if another party's negligence is believed to be a causal factor toward a person's ill health.

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