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Workers in another state worried about asbestos exposure

In Minnesota and beyond, there is a lot of misinformation regarding asbestos. Some people mistakenly believe it is no longer used in products in the United States, which is untrue. Others understand there is a risk of asbestos exposure on their jobs or at school or home, but they are at a loss as to how to protect themselves.

A group of workers in another state have filed a complaint with the Environmental Protection Agency. They fear they may have been exposed to asbestos in the workplace due to a suspected contractor using unlicensed workers to perform abatement in a pre-construction project at the old building where they are employed. This particular building houses the local police department, and pre-construction work was done last month. 

Like Minnesota employers, the employers in the state where this case is unfolding, as well as employers in all other states, are legally obligated to inform their workers of any known asbestos risk on the job. They are also required to provide proper training and any available safety equipment to help keep their employees as safe as possible. There are stringent regulations regarding asbestos abatement, which is the removal of asbestos from a property.

If a Minnesota employer fails in his or her duty to keep workers safe or a contractor disregards abatement laws, innocent workers and others may suffer asbestos exposure and adverse health consequences that may include terminal disease. In this state and others, there are personal injury attorneys who are experienced in asbestos litigation. In such cases, an attorney can act on behalf of a client to present evidence in court that a person or group was negligent and thereby caused the client to suffer illness or injury. Successful litigation can result in court-awarded compensation for damages that helps an affected client offset expenses associated with his or her treatment and recovery.

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