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May 2020 Archives

Asbestos exposure cases require thorough investigation

If you're one of many Minnesota workers who began to experience ill-health symptoms after working in a factory, shipyard, school or other location, you are not alone. Many workers have experienced similar issues; in fact, some did not develop symptoms of illness until 10 or more years after the incident that caused their illness took place. For many workers, asbestos exposure was the causal factor regarding their injuries.

Occupational asbestos exposure: Problem in Minnesota?

For years, Minnesota construction workers, as well as those in many other industries, have been at risk for health problems regarding asbestos. Occupational asbestos exposure and second-hand exposure have devastated the lives of many families in this state and across the country. If you've worked around asbestos or you are a family member whose loved one has come home wearing dirty work clothes from a construction site or other job, you may be one of thousands of people who have contracted mesothelioma, asbestosis or other incurable illness.

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