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Asbestosis: Breathing disorder that is often preventable

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2020 | Asbestosis

Many Minnesota residents are currently receiving medical treatment for adverse health conditions that affect their lungs. Sadly, some diseases, such as asbestosis, are preventable, and those affected have suffered workplace injuries when their employers failed in their obligation to keep their employees safe. Asbestosis, mesothelioma and numerous other diseases occur when those who become afflicted are exposed to asbestos.

If a person inhales or ingests microscopic fibers of asbestos, it can become lodged in their lungs for years. This causes inflammation and scarring. It also impedes the person’s ability to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body. An asbestos injury isn’t usually immediately apparent; instead, the illness can linger for years until symptoms develop.

As time passes, a person who has asbestosis or other asbestos-exposure disease may have a lot of breathing problems. The lungs begin to stiffen and become like a dried-up sponge. Sadly, there is no cure for such diseases, and a person’s condition typically gets worse as the disease progresses.

If you have asbestosis or are taking care of a loved one with this illness or some other asbestos injury, you may encounter any number of legal challenges related to the situation, especially if you believe an employer’s negligence was a primary cause. At Sieben Polk, P.A., in Minnesota, you can schedule a consultation to discuss your particular case. A legal team with experience in asbestos litigation can help you protect your rights and seek the maximum compensation to which you may be entitled if you have suffered an asbestos injury in the workplace.


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