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Asbestos-Related Pleural Disease

Pleural disease is one of the potential consequences of asbestos exposure. Pleural disease refers to a number of different conditions affecting the pleura, which is the thin lining between the lung and the chest wall. Common conditions include pleural plaque, pleural thickening and pleural effusion.

At Sieben Polk P.A. in Eagan, we have been representing clients across the country in order to protect their own rights and those of their families. In doing so, we have worked regularly with clients suffering from pleural disease as a result of asbestos exposure.

Our knowledgeable lawyers hold more than 200 years of combined legal experience between them. As a result, they hold the level of seasoned legal judgment that clients need in order to fight for their rights with respect to asbestos-related pleural disease and mesothelioma.

Minnesota Pleural Disease Attorneys Serving Entire Upper Midwest

People with pleural disease often suffer from persistent cough and chest pains.

The most common condition is a buildup of pleural plaque, which is scar tissue resulting from white blood cells attempting to remove asbestos fibers. Pleural plaque is associated with significant asbestos exposure.

This judgment includes knowledge of the legal terrain as it operates on a practical level. We understand how the insurance companies and their large law firms operate, what their thinking is and how they handle certain kinds of cases.

We incorporate all of this knowledge into every legal opinion we provide to our clients. Further, our attorneys know how to tailor each legal opinion to the specific circumstances facing each particular client.

Our firm can provide this superior level of personalized legal service because we have purposely structured our firm in order to maximize client access to our legal team. We know our clients, and they know us. This style of lawyering has earned us in excess of 50,000 successful cases and hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation for our clients.

Clients and referring attorneys from around the country recognize our success. For that reason, they seek our guidance with respect to their most difficult matters related to pleural disease.

Pleural Thickening Attorneys: National Scope And Minnesota Base

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