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Since 1979, the attorneys at Sieben Polk P.A. have looked after the legal needs of insulators and other workers suffering from mesothelioma and other diseases related to asbestos exposure in Minnesota and throughout the Upper Midwest.

Our clients come to us when they are sick and often dying. Our focus is on making sure our clients have the opportunity to have their day in court so they can maximize their recovery before it is too late.

We Already Know The Evidence In Many Cases Involving Insulators

How can we already know many of the facts of your case before you even come to see us? Our firm has represented more mesothelioma clients than any other firm in Minnesota.

As a result, we know the facts of the cases and how the disease works. In the course of representing our clients, we have also gathered and analyzed the evidence that will most likely be used in your own case.

This is because we have worked on most of Minnesota’s major asbestos sites. Often, this evidence can no longer be gathered, and we are the only firm that has access to it.

For that reason, firms from outside of Minnesota often approach us to work with them on their own insulator mesothelioma cases. So why go anywhere else? Start where many others finish, here in Minnesota with the attorneys of Sieben Polk P.A.

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Insulators seeking legal guidance can contact us by phone to schedule a free initial appointment: 651-304-6708. We can also be reached online.