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Brake linings

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Asbestos is still being used in some brake linings. Auto mechanics can be exposed to asbestos particles when opening brake housings, when they are blown out or when they break apart.

The Minnesota law firm of Sieben Polk P.A. serves the legal needs of asbestos victims from throughout the country, including those people exposed to asbestos from their work with brake linings.

Our national reach stems from our command of local issues here in the Upper Midwest. In fact, many national firms team with us for their cases here in our home region. These partnering firms know that we have evidence in asbestos cases here that is simply no longer available from some of the region’s largest asbestos sites.

SIGNATURE CASE: Recovered over $635,000 on behalf of mesothelioma victim who had worked as a mechanic at service station from 1961-1977. Client’s chief exposure was to asbestos-containing friction materials, including brake linings. 2014.

If you believe you or a loved one has contracted mesothelioma as a result of contact with asbestos in brake linings at the McGuire site or at any other number of sites involving brake linings, we invite you to reach out to us. Schedule a free initial consultation with our firm by calling 651-304-6708.

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We have handled hundreds and hundreds of mesothelioma cases for our clients. In the process, we have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation our clients have desperately needed to pay existing and future expenses, including medical bills.

Let us work to do the same for you.

SIGNATURE CASE: Wrongful death suit on behalf of office worker, whose only known asbestos exposure occurred when she was in high school. Her father operated a rural school bus line and replaced bus brakes. Plaintiff was exposed to asbestos visiting her father after school at the bus maintenance garage located next door to family home, and contracted mesothelioma just before her 50th birthday. Claim ultimately settled for just over $1 million. 2010.

We already understand how to handle mesothelioma cases involving brake linings. In fact, we have successfully represented the needs of seriously injured clients for more than 43 years. This experience means you can let us handle the technical work while you spend more time with your family doing what matters.

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