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7 plaintiffs file an asbestos claims against dozens of companies

Over the years, many people have been exposed to asbestos without knowing it. Unfortunately, the symptoms of any related illnesses may not manifest until many years later. Some businesses in Minnesota and across the United States knowingly exposed people to asbestos, which caused them to contract lung cancer years later. Those that have contracted an illness because of negligence of another party may choose to seek financial accountability from those deemed responsible.

A woman claims asbestos was the reason for her husband's death

Much of the information that we know about asbestos and its dangers is more readily available now with access to the Internet. Years ago, it was not as widely available, but regardless, it was an employer's responsibility to notify workers of the hazards of asbestos and proper safety protocol. Sadly, many employees were not warned, and now families in Minnesota and across the United States have loved ones who were unnecessarily exposed and are now suffering from lung cancer or related diseases.

Asbestos exposure could lead to legal consideration in Minnesota

Many Minnesota residents know that being exposed to asbestos can pose serious health risks. Individuals who have been exposed to asbestos -- especially for a considerable number of years -- could potentially develop lung cancer from breathing in the harmful particles. As a result, some parties may wish to take legal action in order to seek compensation against parties responsible for their exposure

Exposure to asbestos may lead Minnesota residents to file a claim

Lung cancer is a serious and sometimes fatal illness that can strike many individuals across the country, including in Minnesota. This illness can develop for many different reasons, but exposure to asbestos has been linked to causing lung cancer. If an employee was exposed to asbestos during his or her work practices and developed cancer as a result, he or she may wish to pursue legal action.

Companies should properly dispose of asbestos in Minnesota

When it comes to taking safety precautions, Minnesota company owners and supervisors should ensure that hazardous materials are properly taken care of. If individuals are at risk of inhaling certain dangerous materials such as asbestos, they could develop serious health issues. If a company does not properly protect its workers and other individuals that could potentially be affected, the company could face fines and penalties.

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