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Airport employees very worried about asbestos exposure

Evidence suggests that repeated ingestion or breathing of asbestos particles can cause permanent lung damage, as well as an increased risk for other respiratory illnesses. Perhaps some of the airport workers in another state who are concerned about their own health and safety are aware of such facts, perhaps not. Either way, they have told their employers and reporters that they believe they have reason to worry about asbestos exposure in relation to a construction project that occurred at their workplace. Minnesota workers whose jobs put them in close vicinity to construction work may want to pay close attention to the situation.

The airport workers in question say they took their concerns to the appropriate officials in their company but were ignored. They say a construction project that went on at their airport last year exposed them to asbestos. They also are frustrated by the fact that their employers did not give all workers fair warning about the danger until approximately eight months later.

Estate planning for terminally ill clients with pending lawsuits

Advising a client with a terminal illness requires careful attention to detail. Assets must be managed carefully to ensure the client has enough funds to provide for them while alive, while minimizing potential estate tax liability when they pass.

What if your client has a potential or pending personal injury lawsuit?

Advising clients who are terminally ill

Estate planning is often new territory for individuals diagnosed with a terminal illness. According to, only 42 percent of Americans have a will. For clients diagnosed with mesothelioma or some other form of cancer, this may be the first time they have thought about meeting with an estate planner.

When meeting with these clients, it is important that they understand both what they should do while living as well as what they shouldn’t do. As estate planners, you serve a vital role in helping your clients prepare. 

Jobs that place Minnesota residents at risk for asbestos exposure

Some jobs in Minnesota are obviously more dangerous than others. However, not all dangers associated with work are immediately apparent. For instance, many types of work are associated with asbestos exposure, which often leads to illness, even death. Proving that an injury or illness was actually caused by exposure to asbestos can be difficult since diagnosis of disease may come years after initial exposure.

Asbestos refers to natural minerals that separate into flexible fibers often used for insulation purposes. Increased use of asbestos began in the 19th century in factories and other workplaces throughout the nation. When people ingest or breathe in the tiny fibers, it can cause serious long-term adverse health effects.

Preserving your claim for compensation after you are gone

One of the most devastating realities of asbestos-related illnesses is that they often lie dormant for so long. By the time a person is diagnosed with a condition like mesothelioma, it can already be very advanced; a patient may only have a matter of weeks or months to live, according to statistics by the American Cancer Society.

With this in mind, we want to remind victims of these illnesses that there are some steps you can take to ensure your voice is available throughout the course of the legal process. This can be especially critical in cases where a person passes away before a personal injury claim can be resolved, and estate representatives must pursue it as a wrongful death claim.

How do I track down the source of my exposure to asbestos?

One of the most frustrating elements of asbestos exposure is that evidence of that exposure may not be visible for decades. This means that if and when a person is diagnosed with an asbestos-related illness, it can be incredibly difficult to determine where and when the person was exposed. 

However, it is certainly not impossible. In order to identify asbestos exposure sources, you can start by answering the following questions.

Estate planning for individuals with mesothelioma

Estate planners play a critical role for clients facing terminal illnesses. Helping a terminally ill client get their financial affairs in order early in the process enables them to have the peace of mind needed to spend the time they have left in a meaningful way.  

It is essential for estate planners to complete a thorough review of their clients existing estate plan as well as their current assets and determine what actions should be taken to minimize tax exposure and probate costs. In addition to these fundamental estate planning duties, there are special considerations that should be considered when advising individuals who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma.

Improper disposal of asbestos presents serious health risk

The dangers of asbestos exposure are well known, and everyone should have some awareness that asbestos should not be used, disturbed or handled without a number of safety precautions in place.

But the threat to people's safety doesn't end just because someone throws the asbestos away; it can continue to put people in danger if it is not properly disposed of. This point was illustrated recently when reports were made regarding improper asbestos disposal after bags of contaminated waste were found in a shed at a demolition site. 

Diagnosis Mesothelioma: How to tell a patient they are dying

Giving bad news is never easy. Telling someone that they are terminally ill is exceptionally challenging. A study in the Journal of Oncology Practice revealed that delivering end of life news to patients is one of the most stressful parts of their jobs as oncologists. Remarkably, training in how to effectively communicate with patients and protocols as to what to cover is largely absent.

What makes end of life discussions so hard

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