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Posts tagged "Asbestos exposure"

Was Johnson & Johnson aware of asbestos exposure dangers?

A protracted debate continues in Minnesota and beyond regarding possible health hazards associated with baby talcum powders manufactured by Johnson & Johnson. The pharmaceutical giant has been called to the mat in question of whether it was aware ahead of time that its products may post asbestos exposure health dangers to consumers. Investigative reporters have been scrutinizing thousands of documents from the company's records in an attempt to formulate a conclusion.

Maximum fines and company shutdown occur after asbestos exposure

Minnesota workers concerned about health hazards on the job may want to review a recent case involving one of the largest foundry companies in North America. The factory was located in another state although it has since been shut down due to asbestos exposure incidents that led to litigation. Representatives of Grede LLC pleaded guilty in a U.S. District Court.

Asbestos exposure has prompted many illnesses in Minnesota

If you were to be involved in an accident at work or in a car while traveling on a Minnesota highway, you might suffer injuries with immediately apparent symptoms. Such injuries may warrant a trip to the hospital and extended time at home in the following weeks (or months) to recover. What if you are injured by asbestos exposure, however? Your initial contact with the item containing this dangerous substance might have taken place years ago, though you may have only recently become aware of your symptoms.

Minnesota parents may want to follow asbestos exposure story

It is quite common for young girls in Minnesota and other states to enjoy playing with jewelry and cosmetics. In fact, many parents purchase makeup kits from stores like Claire's for their daughters. That's just what a mother in another state did in a situation that has led to an alarming claim that anyone using cosmetics purchased from Claire's may be at risk for asbestos exposure.

Possible asbestos exposure at a school results in legal struggle

Minnesota employers, like all others in the nation, are obligated to inform workers of possible injury risks associated with their jobs. They must also provide appropriate training and equipment to keep workers as safe as possible. A situation in another state is growing more contentious by the day. It involves a construction project at a school and possible asbestos exposure.

Renovation workers no doubt concerned about asbestos exposure

What is most dangerous: mold, lead or asbestos? The answer to that question is debatable; yet, most Minnesota readers would likely agree that all three substances pose serious health risks to those who come in contact with them. Asbestos exposure, in particular, has been associated with several non-curable diseases that often develop slowly and without immediately apparent symptoms.

New movie may interest Minnesota residents re asbestos exposure

Anyone who lives near or has worked in Minnesota factories, school buildings, libraries or other old structures may have cause for concern regarding certain microscopic particles that can be ingested into lungs and cause adverse health conditions. Asbestos exposure happens to be the topic of an upcoming full feature film that is scheduled to air in another state. The movie reportedly goes into depth about asbestos litigation regarding personal injury claims.

Library workers and patrons worried about asbestos exposure

Although some Minnesota residents use hand-held electronic devices and computers to read nowadays, there are still many who enjoy going to libraries. This state, like many others, has a lot of very old buildings where the books of many communities are housed. In another state, this fact is posing a significant delay in a planned renovation project due to possible asbestos exposure.

Statute of limitations major factor in asbestos exposure cases

Many Minnesota residents have experienced or have helped care for someone who has experienced negative health effects from repeated inhalation of, and contact with, toxic substances. Asbestos exposure is the main topic in a string of lawsuits currently being processed in another state. An attorney whose firm has actually represented thousands of people claiming to have suffered asbestos-related illnesses says an existing statute of limitations is presenting a challenge in several cases he is currently preparing for court.

Asbestos exposure back-to-school danger for many in Minnesota

It's the time of year in Minnesota and throughout the nation when many parents are helping their children gather supplies and prepare for a new school year. Many have already resumed classes and are fully engaged in new and exciting academic adventures. Many children attend schools in buildings that are aging and in need of repair, however. This may pose a high asbestos exposure risk of which many parents are unaware.

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