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Pedestrian accidents can lead to severe injuries requiring extensive medical care and other expenses. If a negligent driver has struck you, our Eagan pedestrian accident lawyers are ready to help contact us today at (651) 437-3148.

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How Much Is My Minnesota Pedestrian Accident Case Worth?

The factors affecting the payout you may receive in a pedestrian accident case include the following:

An Eagen pedestrian accident lawyer has the resources and experience to gather proof showing the full extent of your present and future treatment expenses, income, and other losses. At Sieben Polk P.A., we combine personalized legal services with the law firm resources that you need to protect your rights.

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Pedestrian Accident FAQs

If you are injured, you should notify the police immediately so they can document the accident.

In Minnesota, you have six months from the accident date to file a claim against your own PIP policy and six years from the accident date to file a claim against the other party.

You will need to file a claim under your own no-fault insurance coverage first if you have it.

If someone in your household has no-fault coverage, you can file a claim under their policy.

If the driver was at fault for the accident, you can file a claim or a lawsuit against the driver.

You should contact a lawyer as soon as possible. The earlier you start your case, the easier it is for your lawyer to gather evidence while it is still fresh and the more time your lawyer has to prepare.

Our pedestrian lawyers work on a contingency basis. We won’t charge any legal fees unless we win your case. Our fees will be a percentage of your award. Your consultation is free, and there are no upfront costs to you.

Your lawyer will negotiate with the negligent party’s insurance company on your behalf to obtain a fair settlement. Your lawyer will advise you on whether to accept a settlement offer or go to court, but the choice is always yours.

Alleviating Potential Losses Associated With Pedestrian Accidents

If you were injured in a pedestrian accident, you could have many losses beyond your medical bills. These may include the following:

You may also sustain non-economic damages, which are those harder-to-quantify impacts on your life. These include the following:

An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you offset these costs by fighting for your right to receive financial compensation from the negligent driver.

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Common Pedestrian Accident Injuries

Pedestrians are completely unprotected from the tremendous force of the impact of heavy, fast-moving vehicles. If a vehicle hits you while you are walking, you may sustain severe injuries. Some of the common injuries that people sustain in pedestrian accidents include:

If you or a loved one suffered any of these or other severe injuries in a pedestrian accident, contact an attorney as soon as possible to maximize your potential for recovering the full compensation you deserve.

An experienced Eagan pedestrian accident lawyer will fight for your rights and guide you through the legal process. At Sieben Polk P.A., we understand the legal terrain of Minnesota: its attorneys, its judges, and its laws.

How Is the Responsible Party Determined in Minnesota Pedestrian Accident Cases?

According to Minnesota law, pedestrians always have the right-of-way in crosswalks and intersections. Vehicles must yield to pedestrians whether they are crossing the street using a marked crosswalk or an unmarked intersection. If a driver fails to do this and causes a pedestrian accident, the victim may seek damages.

The Sieben Law P.A. pedestrian legal team thoroughly investigates accidents to identify the driver and any other parties who should be held responsible. We combine the best features of a large firm with a local firm environment.

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Minnesota No-Fault Insurance Laws

Minnesota is a “no-fault state.” Drivers must obtain Personal Injury Protection, or PIP, coverage, also called “Basic Economic Loss Benefits.” If you have a no-fault policy for your car, you first make a claim against your PIP for injury expenses. If you pursue a pedestrian accident claim in Eagan or anywhere in Minnesota, you should understand the following terms:

You may have options if your injury-related losses exceed your PIP policy limits and the driver who hit you was at fault. You can pursue a claim under the negligent driver’s liability insurance coverage or hold the at-fault party accountable for your damages through a pedestrian accident lawsuit.

Our Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Are Ready to Help

An experienced Eagan pedestrian accident lawyer can help you have the best chance of obtaining all the compensation for your injuries that you are entitled to.

The Sieben Polk S.A. team is nationally recognized and locally rooted. We have the resources of a large firm but provide the personalized service of a local firm. We individually tailor our legal services to meet each client’s unique needs.

Contact us today for a free initial consultation. Call us any time at 651-437-3148 or fill out the contact form for a free case review.

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