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American Red Cross reaches out to asbestos exposure victims

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2018 | Asbestos Exposure

Minnesota apartment-dwellers whose homes have popcorn ceiling will want to follow a recent case in another state where officials have ordered total evacuation of an apartment complex. The situation unfolded when an anonymous tip was reportedly filed, prompting immediate inspection regarding possible asbestos exposure in the building. Since then, all residents have been evacuated, some taking shelter provided by the American Red Cross.  

Nearby apartment buildings are inspected every six months, according to the current manager of those buildings. She says no asbestos problems have been reported in those complexes. However, a recent crisis erupted in the building in question when asbestos-laden materials were reportedly left in an open hallway during a renovation project. Many residents of the apartment are said to have been exposed to dust that had essentially drifted throughout the apartment building.  

Many of the residents had to undergo decontamination. One woman said her friend lives in the building and has sought emergency medical attention several times for complications related to asthma, which she now believes may be connected to the asbestos situation. Most of the apartments in the building contain popcorn ceilings, and the building itself was reportedly constructed before 1970. Both issues increase the risk for asbestos-related dangers.  

However, there are strict regulations for asbestos abatement that are designed to keep apartment residents, workers and visitors safe. The issue in the recent situation is that workers allegedly did not adhere to those rules. Minnesota residents facing health-related issues due to asbestos exposure may seek legal support if they wish to discuss possible litigation.  


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