Asbestos in Black Dog Coal Power Plant

The Black Dog Generating Station (aka Black Dog Coal Power Plant or Blackdog) is located in Burnsville, Minnesota. It was built in the 1950’s along the Minnesota River. It was originally a coal-burning power plant. The Minnesota-based law firm of Sieben Polk P.A. has delivered nationally recognized legal representation to asbestos injury clients throughout the Upper Midwest for more than 37 years. If you worked at the Black Dog Generating Station (power plant) site and are now suffering from mesothelioma, we urge you to contact us as soon as possible to maximize your potential recovery.

Black Dog Coal Power Plant in Minnesota

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We are known for our work on mesothelioma cases related to most of Minnesota’s largest asbestos sites. Our work on these sites means, in many cases, not only have we already processed and analyzed the evidence, we may be the only ones who have it. Many of these sites simply do not exist anymore.

For that reason, firms from around the United States seek us out when they want to bring their clients’ asbestos cases here in Minnesota. In some cases, people from here in Minnesota retained a firm based outside of Minnesota that advertised here and then works with us on their case. You can cut out the middleman by simply working with us from the start.

Our attorneys aim to recover maximum compensation for you as we have done in hundreds and hundreds of other cases. We also do so in a manner that is compassionate. Ultimately, we want you and your loved ones to focus on what matters: spending time with each other, not spending time in court if it can be avoided.

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If you would like to learn more about what our local attorneys can do to help you with your mesothelioma case, please call us to schedule a no-fee initial consultation: 651-437-3148. You can also reach us online.

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