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Neck And Back Injuries

Neck and back injuries are most commonly associated with automobile accidents. For example, in rear-end collisions, the victim experiences a flexion extension-type injury where the victim’s head is jerked back and forth rapidly. This overstretching can cause severe swelling, damage, and pain to the muscles and tissue of the victim’s neck and back.

If you have a neck or back injury and pain persists after therapy, you may have a serious or permanent kind of injury involving nerve damage. Nerve damage injuries often require more complete diagnostic medical attention and follow-up care.

Understanding How Neck And Back Injuries Can Affect You

A serious neck or back injury can also involve the disks between the vertebrae of your spine. If one or more of the disks in your spine are herniated or ruptured, pressure can be placed on the spinal cord or nerve roots and cause significant pain and potential muscle loss and paralysis. Another type of serious injury to a neck or back can cause fracture of the vertebral bodies of the spine, which is potentially very dangerous.

Neck and back injuries are often debilitating, and can require extensive medical treatment including physical therapy, chiropractic care and in some cases surgery.

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