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Semi-truck Accidents

Accidents involving semitrucks frequently result in catastrophic injuries or death to occupants of motor vehicles struck by semis. Semitruck accidents are different from general automobile accidents because semi drivers must meet more rigorous federal standards to obtain a commercial driving license and must further abide by federal regulations with regard to their hours of operations and maintenance of logbooks.

The Most Common Causes Of Semitruck Accidents

Frequently, semitruck accidents occur because the semi driver is speeding, following too close, changing lanes improperly, making a U-turn, driving too fast for conditions or driving while fatigued.

It is well-known in the industry that there is a shortage of truck drivers. As a result, the semi drivers on the road today are less experienced and less capable. Trucking companies are also subject to federal regulations, and are required to perform background checks on drivers and to monitor and evaluate the performance of their drivers on an on-going basis. Oftentimes, trucking companies fail to comply with these important regulations.

Preserving Evidence Is Vital When Pursuing A Semitruck Claim

Semitruck cases are considerably more complicated than general motor vehicle accident cases. The drivers are required to follow strict rules regarding the number of hours they can drive per day, the number of hours they can drive per week, and the number of and length of breaks they are required to take. Too often drivers do not follow federal regulations in the operation of their trucks, which contributes to catastrophic accidents.

It is imperative that an experienced semitruck lawyer or attorney be contacted immediately following a semitruck collision to ensure that proper and prompt investigation can be done. Truck companies are immediately on the scene following a crash and their investigation does not have the victim(s) best interests in mind.

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The statute of limitations in Minnesota for motor vehicle/semitruck accidents is six years from the date of the accident and in the case of wrongful death, three years from the date of death. Call today for a free consultation with one of our experienced Minnesota truck accident lawyers or attorneys at 651-377-4740.