Can asbestosis be cured?

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Unfortunately, the answer to the question posed above is, currently, no. There is no cure for asbestosis.

However, there are medical solutions that can ease the symptoms and slow the progression of the illness. There are also ongoing experiments and drugs being developed in an effort to cure asbestosis and other asbestos-related illnesses. Below are some of the options available for treating asbestosis and helping people cope with such a devastating illness.

Early detection

Identifying and diagnosing an illness like asbestosis in its early stages can be critical in making treatments more effective. In order to take advantage of early detection, people who know they have been exposed to asbestos will want to be especially vigilant about discussing symptoms with their doctors. Having X-rays, lung function tests and CT scans performed regularly can help spot respiratory diseases early on.

Alleviating symptoms, slowing the progression

While there is no cure for asbestosis, there are ways to make a person feel better and live longer. According to Mayo Clinic, supplemental oxygen can make breathing easier; stress management can improve overall health; quitting smoking and making other lifestyle adjustments can slow the illnesses progression. In severe cases, a lung transplant may also be an option.

Experimental solutions and alternative treatments

While these treatment options may have no proven rates of success, they can help a person feel better and allow them to participate in the development of new treatments. Use caution, though, as these treatment options can be unregulated and present certain risks to patients. In some cases, they could do more harm than good, so do thorough research and consult medical professionals.

Stay focused on your health

Being able to commit to treatment for severe illnesses like asbestosis is invaluable. However, it can be all but impossible to do this if you are struggling to afford your care. In order to alleviate this considerable source of stress, it can be wise to consult an attorney. In many cases, asbestosis sufferers are eligible to file a legal claim seeking compensation. With proper resources in place, you can remain committed to your health and treatment.

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