Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer

questions to ask your lawyer
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When seeking legal counsel after being injured, you may not know what questions to ask a personal injury lawyer. Many factors can impact your personal injury claim, but your attorney’s skill and expertise are some of the most important determiners of the outcome of your case.

When you know what questions to ask before hiring a lawyer, you can be confident that you will choose an attorney you can trust. This page addresses important questions you should ask before entrusting a lawyer with your case.

How Much Do You Charge for Your Services?

Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, which means they collect a percentage of the compensation they secure on your behalf without charging any upfront fees. If they fail to recover compensation, you pay nothing. If you win, most personal injury lawyers charge 30 to 40 percent.

How Long Have You Been Practicing Personal Injury Law?

The best personal injury attorneys have years of proven experience. Look for an attorney who has at least ten years of experience handling personal injury claims, and make sure this experience is in the state where your case will be negotiated and potentially taken to court. Our top-tier personal injury law firm has been defending the rights of injury victims throughout the Upper Midwest for over 50 years.

Have You Handled Cases Like Mine Before?

Personal injury is a diverse area of law, and working in each practice area requires specialized knowledge of relevant laws, regulations, and procedures. Even within a practice area, applicable laws can vary widely. For example, auto accident claims involving commercial trucks, motorcycles, pedestrians, rideshares, and uninsured drivers each feature unique challenges. Your attorney should have experience handling cases with similar facts to yours.

What Issues or Difficulties Do You See With My Case?

It is essential to pick an attorney who will be honest about your case’s merits and potential outcomes rather than focusing only on the positive. No matter how straightforward your case seems, no attorney can guarantee its outcome. When an attorney is upfront about negative possibilities, you can more easily trust their positive assessments too.

How Will You Keep Me Updated on the Progress of My Case?

Open communication is one of the most important aspects of high-quality personal injury legal services. Personal injury claims can take time to resolve, but this should not mean you hear nothing about what is happening with your case. Your attorney should regularly communicate with you to keep you updated on their progress.

Do You Have Testimonials or References From Past Clients That I Can See?

A successful personal injury lawyer with years of experience should be able to provide client testimonials. A lack of positive reviews is a major red flag that you should not ignore. Some clients may even be willing to speak to you directly about their experience with a firm.

Will My Case Go to Trial?

Probably not, but maybe. Most personal injury claims are settled out of court, but the threat of a lawsuit is a powerful bargaining chip during settlement negotiations. If a defendant knows your attorney never goes to trial, they may feel less incentivized to offer fair compensation. Our attorneys are seasoned trial lawyers and will not hesitate to take your case to trial if necessary to secure a meaningful settlement for your claim.

Do You Have Trial Experience?

Preparing a case for trial is complex and requires the attention of a skilled lawyer who understands the law and nuances of advocating before a judge and jury. An experienced trial attorney will also know how to gather evidence that will hold up in court. When insurance companies see that you could win at trial, they often settle for higher amounts to avoid the risk of a verdict ordering a much higher payout.

If My Case Goes to Trial, Will My Legal Fees Change?

Going to court could potentially change your fee structure because trials require extensive preparation to ensure you bring the strongest case possible. Ideally, this will be addressed before you enter a lawyer-client agreement.

At the end of the day, going to trial represents a significant escalation in your case, and the decision is ultimately yours. Our attorneys will explain the pros, cons, and costs of going to trial upfront.

What Happens if I Lose? Will I Be Responsible for Any Case-Related Costs?

Our personal injury attorneys will take on the upfront costs of investigating, building, and processing your case from start to finish. These costs may include filing fees, document retrieval fees, expert witness fees, and more. We will not require you to repay these costs if we do not secure compensation on your behalf.

How Long Will My Case Take?

A personal injury claim can take anywhere from a few weeks to over a year to resolve. Most cases settle in a few months, but cases that go to trial will take longer. Be wary of attorneys who promise lightning-fast results.

No one wants to hear that they may have to wait upwards of a year to receive compensation for injuries sustained at little to no fault of their own. However, quick settlements often result in significantly lower compensation. Patience is key. While you focus on your recovery, we will focus on maximizing your compensation.

How Can I Contact You if I Have Questions About My Case?

The best personal injury law firms maintain direct lines of communication and will be available to speak with clients 24/7. At Sieben Polk, we are committed to providing the highest quality service possible in your hour of need. We will never leave you hanging.

Talk to an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

Our personal injury attorneys are successful trial lawyers with decades of experience. We provide the high-caliber services of a large national law firm while maintaining a compassionate, personalized approach that is only available in a local firm environment.

If you have questions to ask a personal injury lawyer, we are here to answer them. Call (651) 437-3148 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation. We charge no upfront fees, and you only pay if we win.

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