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Put The Firm’s 37 Years Of Experience In Your Corner

Through our work with various trades and professions, including insulators, we here at Sieben Polk P.A. have developed Minnesota’s premier mesothelioma legal practice. Our investigation of cases throughout the Upper Midwest provides us with a unique command and understanding of the region’s largest asbestos sites and those cases involving businesses such as Svaleson and products such as insulation (including a $400,000 recovery for an injured client).

SIGNATURE CASE: Obtained $4,516,250 verdict with Patrick DeBlase of DeBlase, Brown, Eyerly on behalf of accountant who contracted mesothelioma as a result of asbestos exposure at taconite plant. Client worked for just four months at the plant, working as a laborer to earn college money in 1957. Client recalled cutting, mixing and handling pipe covering and asbestos muds. Partner Chad Alexander also served on trial team. 2014.

In fact, we have often gathered and analyzed evidence that is key to your insulation-related mesothelioma case, evidence that is simply no longer available to many firms. For that reason, firms from around the country team with Sieben Polk P.A. for their most important asbestos insulation litigation throughout the Upper Midwest and particularly in Minnesota.

Depend On Sieben Polk P.A. For Representation In Asbestos Insulation Cases

Why does our experience matter? It matters because time is of the essence in mesothelioma cases. First, time is of the essence because you or your loved one may be so ill that they need to recover their compensation as quickly as possible. Second, time is of the essence because the courts will accelerate the pace of the mesothelioma case.

Our experience means we hit the ground running in your case. We already hold a command of the law and how it is practiced by the courts. As a result, we can often save critical time, enabling you to spend more of that time with your loved ones instead of having to manage the technical paperwork details of the case yourself.

SIGNATURE CASE: Recovered settlements totaling over $1.16 million for commercial estimator suffering from mesothelioma. Plaintiff’s only known asbestos exposure occurred when he would visit construction sites to take measurements for industrial steel railings, stairways and walkways fabricated by his employer. 2011.

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