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Pre-Eminent Attorneys In Asbestos Cases

Law firms across the country look to Sieben Polk P.A. of Minnesota when they are handling asbestos cases in the Upper Midwest. Those other national firms recognize our unique standing in the legal community for our work in mesothelioma law.

How can we help you with your mesothelioma case? Schedule an initial consultation with us to find out. Call us at 651-304-6708.

Did You Contract Mesothelioma From Medical And Lab Supplies?

Few people understand the ongoing problem posed by asbestos in medical and lab supplies such as those like Weise’s. While asbestos can no longer be used in the production of these items, older supplies still nevertheless contain asbestos.

We have handled more mesothelioma cases than any other firm in Minnesota. During that time, we have gathered and analyzed evidence from Minnesota’s largest asbestos sites. Much of this evidence is from the 1970s and is simply not available to other firms anymore.

We have been handling asbestos cases for 37 years. Asbestos cases have their own rules and deadlines that can serve as pitfalls to the unwary. Our experienced team knows how to navigate these rules successfully so any compensation you may receive is not unnecessarily delayed.

Compassionate Legal Guidance For You

Because we have worked with hundreds and hundreds of clients in asbestos cases, we know that your case requires compassion. Our firm knows how to help you so you can spend more time with your family, not in a courtroom.

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