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Here in Minnesota and throughout the Upper Midwest, our firm is known for its representation of asbestos victims in mesothelioma cases. We gained this reputation over decades as we built.

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Get The Legal Representation From A Firm Here At Home In Minnesota

Firms from around the nation work with us because they know we hold a command of mesothelioma law in the Upper Midwest. We have handled cases involving the largest asbestos sites here in Minnesota, for instance, and, as a result, we have gathered and processed evidence that is simply no longer available.

SIGNATURE CASE: Negotiated multi-defendant settlement in excess of $1.8 million on Sib behalf of nursery and greenhouse owner/operator suffering from mesothelioma. The plaintiff was exposed to asbestos from a variety of materials used on the job, including asbestos boiler insulation, gaskets, transite sheets, and agricultural grade vermiculite. 2011

Our years of experience also mean that you can rely on us to present a convincing case for you even when the court accelerates the case. Particularly when you want to be spending time with your loved ones, you will rest easier knowing that you have us to take care of these complicated legal technicalities for you.

For that reason, when it comes to claims involving vermiculite, therefore, you can rely confidently on our advice to you. We understand every aspect of these cases including the science, the legal process and the hidden pitfalls that can derail otherwise meritorious cases.

Asbestos-Tainted Vermiculite In Minnesota

Vermiculite is a silicate mineral found throughout the world. It is used in gardening as a growing medium, in brake pads, and construction as paneling, fireproofing and roofing screeds. Although vermiculite itself is nontoxic, the majority of the vermiculite sold in the United States throughout from the 1930s to the 1980s was contaminated with tremolite, winchite and richterite minerals in Libby, Montana. Winchite and richterite minerals are known commercially as asbestos.

Western Mineral Products processed more than 120 tons of contaminated vermiculite from the Libby mines at its plant in Northeast Minneapolis. The vermiculite was processed primarily for use as insulation, but it was also used to make furnaces and brakes. A byproduct of the processing was a crushed rock that also contained asbestos. This rock was given away for free to anyone who wanted it.

Individuals who were exposed to the tainted vermiculite have been diagnosed with a variety asbestos-related illnesses, including asbestosis, mesothelioma and lung cancer.

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