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Job Sites With Asbestos Exposure

More so than any other firm in the nation, we know about asbestos in the Upper Midwest and particularly in Minnesota. How did we come to hold that position? During our 43-year history as a firm, we have handled the most cases involving many of the most serious asbestos sites in the state and in the region. As a result, we hold the most complete gathering and analysis of Minnesota-related asbestos evidence available. In fact, many firms throughout the country rely on us when putting together their own asbestos cases here in Minnesota.

Why Go Anywhere Else? Start Here At Home With Sieben Polk P.A.

For that reason, you should feel free to start where many other Minnesotans finally end: right back here in Minnesota with Sieben Polk P.A. We can help you no matter where you were injured in Minnesota. We have assisted clients across the state, including those clients injured by asbestos at the following sites, among others:

Because we already have the evidence and we have already analyzed it in thousands of cases, we can give you the benefit of an efficient process. Many times, we can keep your involvement to a minimum while you spend your time where it should be spent: with your loved ones.

We Know Time Is Of The Essence In Your Asbestos Case

Because asbestos cases are time-sensitive, courts put asbestos cases on a fast track. Our experience means we already know the unique pitfalls and obstacles involved in putting a case on a fast track. We can also devote that much more focus to the issues that really matter in your case instead of worrying about technical issues that might slow down someone less familiar with the process.

We invite potential clients to learn more about our firm by meeting with us for a free initial consultation. Call 651-304-6708 or contact us online today.

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