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Asbestos Sites Generally

If you do not see your worksite on our list of sites we have worked on before, do not be concerned. That list is only a partial list.

At Sieben Polk P.A., we handle cases involving asbestos sites throughout the Upper Midwest. Our command of the asbestos legal issues and facts unique to our region makes us the go-to resource for clients and lawyers alike from around the nation.

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We Have Evidence From Many Asbestos Sites That No Longer Exist

In fact, even if the site you used to work at no longer exists, we may still have evidence from that site. We have spent decades compiling evidence from asbestos sites throughout the region and particularly from here in Minnesota.

Our analysis of that evidence and of the legal issues connected to it means we can hit the ground running in your case even if your former worksite no longer exists. Our command of these issues enables us to keep your involvement in legal matters to a minimum so you can focus on what matters: spending time with the people you love.

Our experience also enables us to present your case convincingly even under the accelerated conditions often involved in asbestos cases. We already know the technical legal rules and unique strategies needed to best handle the unusual processes involved in asbestos cases.

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