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Companies should properly dispose of asbestos in Minnesota

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2014 | Asbestos Exposure

When it comes to taking safety precautions, Minnesota company owners and supervisors should ensure that hazardous materials are properly taken care of. If individuals are at risk of inhaling certain dangerous materials such as asbestos, they could develop serious health issues. If a company does not properly protect its workers and other individuals that could potentially be affected, the company could face fines and penalties.

A company in another state is currently facing significant fines after it was found that asbestos materials were not being properly disposed of. Reports stated that cement pipes that contained asbestos fibers were not destroyed in the proper manner, and much of the pipe was later used in filling projects on private property. As a result, many individuals could be at risk of exposure to hazardous asbestos fibers.

Because of the situation, the company will pay $100,000 and be on probation for three years. According to reports, approximately $4 million was apparently used by the Environmental Protection Agency to clean up the hazardous materials. The situation began in 2009, and last year, two individuals were arrested in relation to the event due to failure to adhere to asbestos removal standards.

Being exposed to asbestos can lead to serious illnesses, such as lung cancer. As this situation shows, failure to properly dispose of such materials can cause significant issues, and parties can be unknowingly affected. If an individual in Minnesota has been negatively impacted by asbestos exposure, information on seeking compensation for resulting illness and other damages could be helpful.

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