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A woman claims asbestos was the reason for her husband’s death

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2014 | Asbestos Exposure

Much of the information that we know about asbestos and its dangers is more readily available now with access to the Internet. Years ago, it was not as widely available, but regardless, it was an employer’s responsibility to notify workers of the hazards of asbestos and proper safety protocol. Sadly, many employees were not warned, and now families in Minnesota and across the United States have loved ones who were unnecessarily exposed and are now suffering from lung cancer or related diseases.

A woman from another state recently named 72 companies who she believes to be responsible for her husband dying of lung cancer. She claims that the reason why her husband became ill was directly related to his asbestos exposure. The woman claimed that the companies did not warn her husband of the dangers associated with their products, which allegedly contained asbestos as well as other ingredients that were hazardous.

According to her complaint, the companies did not place any type of warning on the products that were comprised of asbestos. She alleges that the companies knew, or should have known, about all of the hazards and that they did not make any effort to warn her husband. Furthermore, she accuses the companies of not letting her husband know what type of safety apparel he would need if he were exposed to or using any of the companies’ asbestos-containing products.

The woman seeks punitive and compensatory damages in her lawsuit against the companies that she believes to be responsible for her husband’s passing. Should an employee in Minnesota be exposed to asbestos and then contracts lung cancer or another illness as a result, he or she may be able to pursue claims for legal redress. If the claim is successfully navigated, the worker may receive financial redress to assist with the incurred medical expenses and monetary damages recognized under state and federal laws.


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