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Man claims he contracted mesothelioma working as a deckhand

| Sep 10, 2014 | Mesothelioma

When most employees go to work, they are not thinking about whether the work they are doing could be hazardous to their health. People go to work assuming that they will be safe and that the employer has put all the appropriate safety precautions in place. Over the years, many companies in Minnesota and across the United States were not cautious when allowing employees to be working with asbestos, which caused many workers to develop mesothelioma.

A deckhand who was working in another state claims that he contracted lung cancer and mesothelioma while he was working at various drill sites. During his tenure, he asserts that he worked for numerous companies, but had no idea of the dangers that he would be exposed to when he was working with asbestos products. He claims that the none of the companies informed him of the risks of the work and what he was handling.

He is accusing the companies of not having the appropriate safety protocols in place, such as measuring for levels of asbestos and ventilating the areas where he was working. The plaintiff also claims that there wasn’t adequate protection for him, nor were inspections done to make sure that the products had adequate warnings placed on them. Allegedly, the company also did not reveal the health risks that were involved with asbestos and products that contained it.

The man filed a claim against numerous defendants in a local civil court in Louisiana in an attempt to hold them liable for his developing mesothelioma. He is asking the court to award him financial relief for his medical bills, pain and suffering and his lost wages. Workers in Minnesota who believe that their exposure to asbestos and asbestos-containing products caused them to contract mesothelioma may choose to seek financial redress for their suffering and hold those deemed responsible accountable under our laws.

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