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Man contracts mesothelioma 46 years after exposure and wins $7M

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2014 | Mesothelioma

Most people go to work each day with the belief that they will be safe and protected by the policies and protocols in place by their employers. Unfortunately, employees in Minnesota and across the United States were unknowingly exposed to asbestos in the workplace for many years. In some cases, this exposure could lead to a rare form of cancer called mesothelioma, which may only manifest itself years after the exposure. This leaves the victims to suffer and be burdened with excessive medical bills. They do, however, have the right to seek legal relief through our civil court system.  

A man who installed giant boilers claimed that, 46 years later, he contracted mesothelioma. The septuagenarian filed a claim against his former employer. According to the evidence presented in court, the supervisors did not take any measures to protect their employees from asbestos exposure. The exposure to the substance was found to be intense and in large quantities.

A former employee who supervised the asbestos installation testified in court claiming that he was never informed that it was hazardous for him to breath asbestos. He also stated that the company did not make any efforts to monitor the air for levels of asbestos. Apparently, there were no signs posted in the work area that warned employees of the dangers of asbestos.

The man won his case and was awarded a total of $7 million for his claim, with $3.5 million being for his current pain and suffering and the balance of the award for his future suffering. Although the company sympathizes with the plaintiff, it do not agree with the verdict and believes that it should be overturned. Workers in Minnesota who believe that they contracted mesothelioma due to unsafe work conditions may choose to file a claim against their employer. It is likely that little can be done to reverse the terrible effects of the disease, but the worker may receive financial redress for his or her pain and suffering as well as reimbursement medical bills and other allowable financial damages.

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