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Numerous defendants are accused of causing a man’s lung cancer

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2014 | Asbestos Exposure

Many years after exposure, those who were working with or breathed in asbestos can now be suffering the effects. Victims in Minnesota and across the United States can develop lung cancer years after they have quit working for an employer. Workers who now suffer the effects of the asbestos exposure may choose to pursue legal action to seek financial accountability from their former employer under the law. On Sept. 10, we posted a report concerning a man who contracted mesothelioma while working as a deckhand. Now another seaman has filed another claim along similar grounds.

A former shipyard worker from another state has taken legal action against numerous companies for whom he previously worked. He says that he worked for Avondale Industries for five years on cutter ships in their shipyard. During that time, he alleges that he handled insulation as well as other asbestos containing products.

While he was working with these products, the man claims that he inhaled asbestos fibers. He believes that his direct exposure to asbestos was the reason that he now suffers from lung cancer. The plaintiff alleges that he was never told him of the hazards of asbestos, nor were there any attempts made to protect him. He further claims that there was never any safety monitoring of work areas to clean the asbestos dust from the air.

Although nothing can change the fact that the man apparently contracted lung cancer from the asbestos, he may be able to find some sense of justice by seeking to hold the companies that he has sued liable under the law. If he wins his case, he may receive the monetary compensation that he is seeking for the pain and suffering he is coping with as well as his medical bills and lost wages. Individuals in Minnesota who were exposed to asbestos because of their occupation and have contracted lung cancer may wish to consider their legal options. In a successful claim, the individual may be awarded financial redress for pain and suffering, medical bills and other financial losses.

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