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Man claims he contracted mesothelioma after exposure for years

| Feb 7, 2015 | Mesothelioma

It is very difficult to believe that an employer would knowingly withhold safety information about asbestos from its workers, but sadly it still does happen. In those circumstances, employees in Minnesota and elsewhere are then forced to suffer the consequences from working in an unsafe environment. Workers who were exposed to asbestos have a high likelihood of contracting illnesses such as mesothelioma.

A man who was employed in another state is suing dozens of companies who he believes contributed to his contracting mesothelioma. The man claims that for approximately 41 years, he was exposed to asbestos. The plaintiff worked installing elevators and also repaired them. The man claims that he also was exposed to secondary exposure to asbestos from his father who worked as a bricklayer for seven years.

The plaintiff claims that from a combination of all of the exposure, he contracted mesothelioma. According to his complaint, the defendants were aware or should have been aware that their products were created with asbestos and that they could be hazardous. He further alleges that he was not given safety information to make him conscious of the dangers of being exposed to asbestos.

Many workers who were exposed to asbestos did not realize the dangers they were in until it was too late. Affected Minnesota workers who believe that they developed mesothelioma or related diseases due to asbestos exposure have the right to file claims against the party or parties believed to have been negligent. In a successfully presented lawsuit, a claimant may be awarded a monetary judgment to help alleviate the burden of the incurred medical bills and other financial losses documented before the court.

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