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Woman believes that he husband’s death was due to asbestos

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2015 | Asbestos Exposure

Watching loved ones die is a horrible experience for spouses, especially when they believe that the deaths could have been prevented. People in Minnesota go to work each day under the assumption that they are protected and safe in their environments, but that is not always true. Negligence on behalf of employers who are associated with asbestos-containing products can have devastating results, leaving grieving families to live through the aftermaths of their losses.

A woman from another state is suing more than 20 companies because of the death of her husband. Her husband spent 23 years working on homes and cars. He did remodeling, maintenance and repair work. It was during the 23 years of performing those duties that he was allegedly exposed to asbestos.

The spouse believes that the defendants’ irresponsibility led to her husband’s death. According to the complaint, the defendants should have known that their products were comprised of asbestos and there should have been precautions put in place to protect her husband from exposure. Furthermore, the defendants allegedly did not warn those using their products that the materials with which they were working were hazardous and alert them to the dangers of being exposed to asbestos.

Many Minnesota workers’ lives were put at risk and many were not aware of the dangers until it was too late, by which time they had already fallen ill due to asbestos exposure. The burden of the medical bills associated with asbestos-related illnesses can put a tremendous strain on a family’s finances. Grieving families who have lost loved ones due to negligence can pursue legal recourse against those believed to be responsible to find a sense of justice for their losses.

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