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Corning Inc. asbestos claims may see closure after 2 decades

The process of bringing companies to justice who have been negligent can be long and arduous. As time goes on and the media hype has passed, the chain of events often fades from the public's mind, but Minnesota families who are suffering never forget the pain a negligent employer caused or lose the need for justice to be done. Fortunately, justice is coming ever closer for the families who were affected by the alleged negligent exposure to asbestos at Corning Inc.

The Corning litigation involves damages blamed on Pittsburgh Corning Corp. and includes 11,800 lawsuits. Pittsburgh Corning Corp. was established in 1937 by Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. and Corning Glass Works. It eventually became a joint venture with Corning Inc. and PPG Industries. The company was known for producing glass block and other glass architectural elements. 

Corning is also involved in another asbestos lawsuit that involves Corhart Refractories, which was founded in 1927 by Corning Glass Works and Hartford-Empire Co., which has since gone out of business. This business was known for its ceramic products, which were used mainly in furnaces. There are 37,300 claims in this case, and, up to this point, insurance has covered approximately $19 million in legal claims.

Pittsburgh Corning Corp. filed for bankruptcy in 2000, and, if its reorganization plan receives approval, the company would pay the $290 million it could find itself owing over a 5-year period. For both cases, Corning's asbestos lawsuits equate to $692 million. Although money may help to alleviate medical bills, it cannot reverse the impact that the alleged negligence has had upon the affected victims and their families. Affected individuals in Minnesota can seek justice for the wrongs against them by filing similar suits in Minnesota civil courts.

Source:, "Corning Inc. facing asbestos settlements", Larry Wilson, May 22, 2015

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