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Worker believes he contracted cancer due to asbestos exposure

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2015 | Asbestos Exposure

Although being exposed to asbestos is dangerous, it is particularly dangerous to those who engage in other activities such as smoking. These workers are particularly at risk when they are exposed to asbestos. If Minnesota workers are not informed about the dangers to which they are being exposed, the end result could lead to serious illness and possibly even death.

A man from another state and his wife have filed a claim against a local parish for which he worked directly and indirectly from 1950 to 2005. Although the plaintiff did project work for the parish with two different construction companies, he apparently also worked for the parish directly, and the parish was the only defendant named in the report. While working for the defendant, the plaintiff installed and removed sewage pipes that allegedly contained asbestos. He also claims that he worked with cement that contained asbestos. Furthermore, he alleges that he breathed in and was exposed to asbestos fibers and dust.

The plaintiff said that he was diagnosed with malignant squamous cell carcinoma lung cancer, which has been associated with being exposed to asbestos. He also asserts that he was at a greater risk for asbestos-related illness because he was a heavy smoker. During the time that he worked for the defendant, he alleges that he was never told that he was working with a dangerous materials, and he was never informed about the risk of working with asbestos.

The couple is accusing the defendant of negligence that resulted in the husband developing an asbestos-related illness. For his case, he is hoping to be awarded compensation for his incurred medical bills and damages for his pain and suffering as well as the impact his illness will have on him in the future. Workers in Minnesota who believe that they have contracted an asbestos-related disease because of another party’s negligence may choose to pursue legal actions.

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