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Despite rigid federal regulations, asbestos deaths still occur

When people think about harmful substances and gases like asbestos, lead and radon, they often assume that they are no longer a threat to people in the U.S. due to rigid regulations and standards.

Unfortunately, that is not accurate. These harmful elements still pose a very real risk to people right here in Minnesota. In fact, according to a recent NPR article, toxic exposure to asbestos is still contributing to thousands of deaths in the U.S., and Minnesota is among the states with the highest number of deaths per million people due to malignant mesothelioma.

The article highlights a couple reasons why this troubling trend continues in spite of extensive federal regulations.

First, there is a whole population of young people being exposed to dangerous products installed decades ago. This so-called “third wave” includes young homeowners renovating old homes and workers demolishing older buildings. The asbestos they are exposed to may have been there for decades, before there were strict rules for warning consumers about the presence of asbestos.

Secondly, despite the strict rules in place, compliance is still a problem. Further, asbestos is not banned in all forms in the U.S. In other words, companies still use asbestos today and people are still exposed to it without their knowledge.

Diagnosis of an asbestos-related illness is devastating at any age, though it can be particularly shocking and traumatic for younger people. But, no matter how old you or your loved one is when diagnosed with a disease like mesothelioma, you may be eligible to receive financial compensation for your medical bills as well as your pain and suffering.

Of course, money cannot undo the damage done by negligent parties and reckless asbestos practices, but it can serve as a strong message that such behaviors will not go ignored. It can also help victims and their families secure the care and support they need in the aftermath of such a devastating situation.

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