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Airport employees very worried about asbestos exposure

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2017 | Asbestos Exposure

Evidence suggests that repeated ingestion or breathing of asbestos particles can cause permanent lung damage, as well as an increased risk for other respiratory illnesses. Perhaps some of the airport workers in another state who are concerned about their own health and safety are aware of such facts, perhaps not. Either way, they have told their employers and reporters that they believe they have reason to worry about asbestos exposure in relation to a construction project that occurred at their workplace. Minnesota workers whose jobs put them in close vicinity to construction work may want to pay close attention to the situation.

The airport workers in question say they took their concerns to the appropriate officials in their company but were ignored. They say a construction project that went on at their airport last year exposed them to asbestos. They also are frustrated by the fact that their employers did not give all workers fair warning about the danger until approximately eight months later.

Airport managers said they have since made policy changes to check asbestos levels before any construction project gets underway. They also adamantly stated that they remain full committed to the safety and health care of their employees. A chief operating officer said she’d like to see someone hired specifically to oversee such matters.

Asbestos exposure is believed to cause asbestosis, a serious, chronic respiratory disease. It typically takes years of exposure for such illnesses to take hold. Minnesota residents who believe they’ve been exposed to high levels of asbestos who would like to discuss the potential legalities of their particular situations may reach out to an experienced attorney for support.

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