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Asbestos exposure back-to-school danger for many in Minnesota

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2017 | Asbestos Exposure

It’s the time of year in Minnesota and throughout the nation when many parents are helping their children gather supplies and prepare for a new school year. Many have already resumed classes and are fully engaged in new and exciting academic adventures. Many children attend schools in buildings that are aging and in need of repair, however. This may pose a high asbestos exposure risk of which many parents are unaware.

School teachers are twice as likely to suffer cancer and other diseases related to asbestos exposure than the average population. It’s logical to assume that since students are present in classrooms almost as often or just as often as teachers, they are also in danger if asbestos is present. School administrators are obligated to inform parents and workers of any known asbestos risks.

In the meantime, there are several things parents can do to keep their children safe. If a child’s school is an older structure, a parent may want to be proactive and inquire about any potential asbestos risk that may place a child in harm’s way. Keeping close tabs on items brought home, such as crayons, toys or other things that may contain asbestos is another good way to focus on safety.

Many of the symptoms related to asbestos exposure diseases don’t present themselves until long after exposure has ceased. By this time, the lungs or heart may already be severely compromised by illness. Anyone in Minnesota who wishes to discuss a particular asbestos concern may request a consultation with an attorney experienced in handling such cases.

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