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Library workers and patrons worried about asbestos exposure

Although some Minnesota residents use hand-held electronic devices and computers to read nowadays, there are still many who enjoy going to libraries. This state, like many others, has a lot of very old buildings where the books of many communities are housed. In another state, this fact is posing a significant delay in a planned renovation project due to possible asbestos exposure.

The library in question has an upper and lower level. On both floors of the old building, there are textured ceiling tiles. As a major construction project was just about ready to get underway, all plans came to a screeching halt. One of the final steps of renovation preparation was to have an environmental assessment of the building conducted.

It was during that inspection that asbestos was discovered in the ceiling tiles. A library director stated that the library understands the extreme dangers associated with asbestos exposure. The director also claims that the air in the main areas of the library, where employees and patrons frequently travel, has been checked and registered negative for asbestos particles in the air.

Asbestos exposure often causes incurable diseases that include symptoms of chest pain, breathing difficulty and other pleural-related conditions. The library with asbestos-laden ceiling tiles will now use all of its government grant money (meant for the renovation project) to pay for asbestos removal services. It is often during removal that exposure occurs, especially if proper safety equipment and procedures are not used. Any Minnesota resident or worker who is suffering ill health due to possible exposure to asbestos may discuss the issue with an attorney to explore options that may be available to seek compensation for damages.

Source:, "Asbestos discovered in library ceilings", Diane Speer, Oct. 18, 2017

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