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Former worker seeks compensatory damages re asbestos exposure

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2018 | Asbestos Exposure

How many Minnesota residents are currently suffering fatal illnesses contracted by ingesting microscopic asbestos fibers in the workplace? It’s impossible to give an exact number because many affected workers are currently unaware of their conditions. A man in another state is not only aware of his lung cancer, but he and his wife have filed a claim against several companies they say should be held financially accountable for his illness, which is believed to have been caused by repeated asbestos exposure on the job.

The claim states that the man was exposed to asbestos during his career from 1949 to 1999. The repeated exposures reportedly occurred due to products manufactured, sold or installed by the defendants. The claim asserts that the defendants were aware of the dangers associated with the products in question but failed to take proper action to keep workers and consumers safe.

Asbestos is actually a combination of materials that were once commonly found in products, such as ceiling tiles, flooring, insulation and other items. The dangers associated with inhaling or ingesting the fibers have been well-known for many years now. Sadly, many people suffering asbestos-related illnesses contracted decades ago are only now learning of their conditions because asbestosis, mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases are often slow to present symptoms.

The plaintiffs in this particular situation are seeking at least $50,000 in compensatory damages. Their claim states that they have endured serious financial hardship related to the man’s illness, especially concerning medical expenses. Minnesota residents with questions regarding asbestos exposure litigation may reach out for support by requesting a meeting with an experienced personal injury attorney in their area.

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