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Officials in another state arguing over asbestos exposure issues

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2018 | Asbestos Exposure

Many buildings in Minnesota and other states are plagued with health hazards. The problem is that workers or visitors to such places are not always aware of the danger. To make matters worse, in some situations, employers or building owners are indeed aware of the potential risks but fail to provide information, training or equipment to help keep workers and others safe. In another state, there is currently contention brewing between city council members and the mayor regarding asbestos exposure issues.

The council members say they are seeking temporary relocation because their current office building is making members quite ill. A spokesman said the problem has gotten so bad that some members are being asked to donate their sick leave to others who are unable to report to work because of their adverse health conditions. The council members have asked to move to alternate office space in the community.

The mayor of the city is reportedly against the move. He said the office space they have chosen as an option is far too luxurious for elected officials and that they would risk angering the public. Council members say that the exact location is far less important as the health of city officials and that they would only need to relocate until the asbestos problem in their current building has been safely and properly rectified.

There is no safe amount of asbestos exposure. Many of the illnesses associated with asbestos are incurable and terminal. It is understandable that workers who become aware of a problem would want to vacate the premises in question as soon as possible. Any Minnesota resident in need of legal guidance regarding asbestos issues can request a meeting with an experienced asbestos litigation attorney.


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