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100 parents fearing asbestos exposure plan to keep kids home

A group of elementary students in another state may find themselves getting unexpected time off school. Up to 100 parents may be joining a mother who has spearheaded a protest against the school regarding possible asbestos exposure to anyone in the building. The woman's son suffers multiple adverse health conditions, which she believes he contracted as a senior in high school in 2017, when the same school district conducted asbestos abatement exercises without properly notifying parents of the students. Minnesota parents of school children may want to follow this case.

There is no safe amount of exposure to asbestos, which is why stringent laws exist regarding removal of asbestos-laden materials from any property or structure. When building materials are friable (meaning, easily able to crumble) they pose serious health risks if they happen to contain asbestos. Any type of disturbance, such as that caused by hammering, sawing, drilling or other building or renovation activity also greatly increases the risk of asbestos injury.

In the school where the parents are planning to keep their children home, the asbestos reportedly exists in window caulking. The mother leading the group says she was shocked to see a notice about a planned abatement project that was to take place after school hours. She noted that many students are still on the school grounds and in the building at such times due to sports and other after-school activities.

It is understandable that Minnesota parents or any parents of school-age children would worry about the possible health risks involved in being present in a building where asbestos exposure may be taking place. Such incidents often cause terminal illness, such as mesothelioma cancer or asbestosis. A concerned parent may wish to discuss a particular situation with an experienced asbestos litigation attorney.

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