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Dealing with the after-effect of an asbestosis diagnosis

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2020 | Asbestosis

Sitting in a chair in front of a doctor’s desk and hearing him or her tell you that you have a terminal lung disease is a devastating and life-changing experience. Perhaps, you could not name your illness as asbestosis, but you knew something was not right because you haven’t been feeling well for a long time. Like many others in Minnesota with similar illnesses, it may have been a lingering cough or chest pain that ultimately prompted you to seek a medical diagnosis of your condition.

Asbestosis is typically contracted by inhalation of microscopic asbestos fibers. The problem is that particles that are microscopic cannot be seen without a microscope, so you can be regularly exposed to them and not know it. This is why it is so important for employers, for instance, to immediately inform their employees if they are aware of an asbestos problem in the workplace.

If your employer fails to give you information you are legally entitled to know, or does not provide proper training or equipment to keep you as safe as possible on the job, that employer might be liable for any adverse health effects you suffer from the time you spend at work. Ailments such as asbestosis or mesothelioma (another deadly, asbestos-related illness) usually do not produce visible symptoms for years after an initial exposure to asbestos. This means that, by the time you know you are sick, you might not even work at the same place where you contracted your illness.

There is no cure for asbestosis. Quality of life begins to decline as the disease progresses, which often creates a need for daily living assistance. You hopefully have loved ones who can provide attention, encouragement and support as you cope with your symptoms. Never hesitate to reach out for additional support, however, if you wish to consider seeking legal accountability against a Minnesota employer or other party whom you believe to have been negligent and, thus, responsible for your injuries. Sieben Polk, P.A., is an experienced legal team who is well-versed in asbestos issues and able to act on your behalf to seek justice for asbestos-related injuries you suffered in the workplace or elsewhere.


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