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Honeywell International’s umbrella of liability

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2020 | Asbestos Exposure

Honeywell International Inc. has a long history in the state of Minnesota. And the company remains a large employer in the state to this day.

However, many Minnesotans are also aware that this company is a common party in asbestos lawsuits around the country. So, what should former employees and families know about these cases?

Several asbestos lawsuits against Honeywell shine a light on risk

Many of these cases have emerged in the public eye just in the last few months. For example:

  • We recently discussed the news regarding the appeal of a wrongful death lawsuit in Ohio against Honeywell in a previous blog post
  • Just this summer, the Minnesota Supreme Court denied many families time to file asbestos lawsuits against Honeywell after the statute of limitations passed
  • Across the country in New Jersey, investors moved forward with a class-action lawsuit claiming that Honeywell underestimated their asbestos liabilities

Honeywell has been at the center of lawsuits like this since roughly the 1990s. However, many families might wonder: how did one company put so many people at risk?

One company, many subsidiaries

This company managed to place so many workers at risk because of its own operations and those of its numerous subsidiaries. Over the years, Honeywell merged with and acquired many companies. And nearly all of these companies worked with asbestos products that put workers at risk of exposure.

Some of these affiliated companies included:

  • Allied Signal Inc.: Honeywell merged with this company in 1999. Allied Signal made several products that contained asbestos, including aerospace engineering materials and automobile parts.
  • Bendix Asbestos Exposure LawyersBendix Friction Materials: Bendix has been one of the primary sources of asbestos lawsuits over the years. This company manufactured brakes, brake linings and brake pads. Honeywell was also in charge of several other specific brake products that contained asbestos.
  • North American Refractories Company (NARCO): This refractory manufacturer came to Honeywell when they merged with Allied Signal Inc. Refractory products often contain asbestos. Manufacturing or working with these products after the fact placed many workers at risk.

Honeywell holds liability for all of these companies. Even if individuals or their loved ones worked for a subsidiary of this company, they can still hold Honeywell responsible for putting their health at risk.


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